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Dog Grooming Brent

Grooming is very important for the dog to keep it healthy and happy. It helps you to protect your puppy from some dangerous diseases that are caused by the dirty or long coat and fleas in the hair. It might be hard for you to groom your dog with such busy schedule. Do not worry because we have the best Dog grooming Brent services for you. We will not only groom your pet but will make him feel special.


We will give your dog a proper bath with a special conditioning soap to assure that his coat and body will be clear of all dirt.


Our experts will dry the body of your puppy with hands to make sure that sensitive body of your pet will not get hurt.

Toenail Trimming

We have special instruments to clean and trim the nails of your dog to make them infection free.

Ear Cleaning

The team will clean the ear of the dog to assure that it is free from all kind of build-up. It is important for the health of your dog.


If you want we will style the coat of your dog in a special way to make it look cool.

At We Tuck Em Inn Pet Hotel, you will find the team of experts that have been trained to provide your pet the best possible services. All you have to need is let the experts know what you want. Dog grooming Brent services are available at the most affordable rate and you can get more information by calling the experts at 850-994-2201.